Management, Logistics, and Production
Event and Festival Coordination

about Me

I am an event coordinator with six years of experience in music festival, concert, and transformational event production.
The events I produce provide interactive, collaborative, and uniquely participatory experiences for people of all ages.
I also do web design, marketing, and creative content/copy writing.
I play the ukelele and frame drum, love to travel, and my favorite thing to do is organize spreadsheets.


From the Bottom to the Top: 

whether it's for 15 people or for 1500...

Curation. Production. Logistics. People and Operations Management.

artist management

Tour Routing. Negotiating Contracts. Booking Venues.


Social Media and Email Marketing Campaigns. Affiliate Management.

web design

Intuitive and Eye Catching Web Design.

Wordpress. Joomla. Wix. Squarespace.

content writing

Creative Copy and Content Writing.
Sales, E-Commerce, Tech, Websites, Products.


Festivals. Concerts. Retreats. 




Director, Manager, Curator, Head Organizer

​My biggest project is an annual 2,500 person three day open air festival called JetLAG Festival.

JetLAG started as a Russian-American event in 2009 and has since become an inter generational, multi-cultural, and multi genre event unlike any other. It has been acclaimed as the largest Eastern European music festival in North America.

I am one of the directors of the festival; my primary function is the creative director of PANGEA, an autonomous music/art/community zone within the festival.


In my role over the past three years, I have curated and produced multiple simultaneous 3-day stage lineups, weekend workshop series for adults and children, art and pop up installations, and festival-wide logistics and infrastructure. 

I am the direct manager of a team of over 100 staff members, security and medics, and volunteers.


I also am in charge of festival-wide communications, booking, marketing, client relations, and logistics.


In addition, I am the web master and web designer of the festival website,

Peace Temple

Set-Up and Maintenance Coordinator

Peace Temple is an annual 300 person three-day outdoor gathering with multiple stages, workshops, and seminars.

The festival is devoted to creating and holding a peaceful and inspiring community space where art, music, creativity, spiritual growth, respect for nature, and respect for each other are practiced.  

I have served as the Set-Up/Maintenance/Breakdown coordinator of the event for the past three years. 

In my role, I have scheduled, coordinated, and managed teams of 15-20 volunteers over a period of five days to assist in the general maintenance of the 3 acre campground.


Set-Up and Maintenance Coordinator
Partial Curator 

Mishpucha is an annual three day outdoor family camping festival focused on offering culturally authentic, immersive experiences for Russian-speaking Jewish families that foster community building, identity exploration, and Jewish learning.


The festival occurs over two weekends in September attracting around 300 adults and 150 kids aged 4-16 each weekend.

In 2017, I was in charge of a crew of five people and I coordinated festival-wide infrastructure, setup and maintenance, as well as contributing partially to the programming with several interactive inter-generational workshops and concerts.


Concert Tours


Assistant Production Coordinator, Artist management

Since 2015, I have participated in organizing tours across the USA for JetLAG Festival's international headliners.

In my role, I have negotiated contracts, worked with obtaining performance visas, and arranged hospitality and accommodation for the visiting bands. 

Silver Wedding Cabaret Band

◦ NYC ◦ Portland ◦ seattle ◦ san francisco ◦

ten piece multimedia act from minsk, belarus

June 2016. Avg attendance: 150-300 ppl.

Fedor Chistyakov

◦ NYC ◦ boston ◦ chicago ◦ philadelphia ◦

five piece rock band from moscow, russia

march 2018. november 2017. Avg attendance: 100-150 ppl.


◦ NYC ◦ philadelphia ◦

eight piece ska band from berlin, germany

june 2018. Avg attendance: 50-100 ppl.


Multi-media & Multi-set

Production Coordinator, Curator, marketing head

I organize a range of mixed genre and multi media urban events.

Jetlag promo event: footlight

bushwick, nyc

5 set electronic and indie rock centered concert with photobooth

June 2017. indoor club. attendance: 50 ppl.

jetlag promo event: kvartirnik

park slope, nyc

6 set acoustic potpourri with dome art installation

june 2017. outdoor private venue. attendance: 100 ppl.


bushwick, nyc

two nights electronic and indie rock with art installations

october 2018. Avg attendance: 100 ppl per night

interactive theater

Production Coordinator, Curator, marketing head

innovative party experience

I organize, produce, and co-author interactive shamanic theater plays.

The audience engages in real-time with the play and with one another through a combination of facilitated meditative practices, dance, yoga, and tantric breathwork. 

The events also include live music, artisan craft vendors, and other performance art.

adam rising

new year's eve event

art installations, energy work and healing center, vendors, kirtan, catered food

live and electronic music.

feat. incus.

december 2016. arlington center.

attendance: 200 people

arlington, ma


new year's event in partnership with ahau tulum.

theater performance, mandala sand art, catered food, cenote (cave) dive, astrology reading,

 live music.

tulum, mexico

december 2017. cenote caracol, outdoor caves. attendance: 150 ppl.

Production Coordinator, Curator, marketing head



Since 2015 I have planned over 7 weekend long retreats for the Galiana Retreat Center in Upstate New York.

Retreats usually range from 15-30 people.

Focuses include personal development, building healthy relationships, manifesting success, and tantric practices.

Magnetic woman

retreat organizer, content facilitator, assistant

manifesting feminine power

path of the magician

retreat organizer, content facilitator, assistant

manifesting success

origins gathering

awakening the body through tantra breath-work and cacao

retreat organizer, content facilitator, assistant


program coordinating

Program Director, Curator, Production Coordinator, Administrative Head

I was the Coordinator of the McGill University Off Campus Fellows Program from 2013-2015; a program designed to provide social programming, support, and resources to ~3000 first year students.

In my role, I supervised and managed two salaried Off Campus Fellows as well as a seven person council.

With the team, I organized and produced weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly events for McGill Off Campus Students, usually 7-8 events per month.

OCF organized a variety of events, including but not limited to Off Campus Fest, with 998 registered participants in 2015, apartment crawls, picnics, potlucks, a coffee house, pub crawls, museum visits, music festival visits, and performance art showcases. These events focused on accessibility with regards to location, price, and targeted demographic.

Average attendance per event varied between 15 – 40 participants. 


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